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Moon Water / Elitzium


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From the bottle crown, these enchanted ions flow with abundance and hydration. 10 trillion years ago from the depths of the Rainbow Singularity and catalyzed within the thermal imprint of cosmic microwave radiation, there was birthed a hydropod that, even in it's empyreal infancy, defied all spatial relativity of the apocryphal heavens. Then, something truly unexpected happened. The dynamic molecule experienced a consciousness revolution resulting in a full-scale astral projection to another dimension. Moon Water’s clairvoyant passage into our world from the frozen lunar landscape defied all explanation. Lightworkers ascended from every corner of the ancient world to bear witness. Structurally, Moon Water transcends all four polygalactic dimensions, existing unencumbered within the quantum vortex of primordial bio-organic liquid. Become Moon Water.

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