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Cosmic Pineapple


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Announcing the interstellar cyber premiere of the eagerly awaited Season 1 of Cosmic Pineapple. This surReality soap opera about life around Moon Magnet covers the rise and anticipated fall of the multiverse pop sensation Cosmic Pineapple as they battle Satan, mortality, social mores, basic hygiene, and jealous roommates in their quest to become even better at being the best.

Led by Dr. San Wan Zini & supported by backup singer Borj Wa Ze Za Zini, Cosmic Pineapple strives for PolyGalactic excellence in spite of all the haters, which includes every single member of the despicable band Suspender Defenders. Seeing as how the two bands share a space house known as Moon Magnet, it doesn't make for a pretty picture, but it sure does make for some interesting drama!

Season 1 of Cosmic Pineapple premiered irl at Alamo Drafthouse Sept 22nd and Sept 21st at Santa Fe's alien roller rink, Rockin' Rollers.


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