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What our clients say:

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“I had seen disasters in other weddings from music not playing correctly, wrong songs playing etc... so this was one of my biggest fears. EVERY part of our music and day was completely perfect. I had VERY specific requests for when particular songs were to be played and Reed was right on point. He helped the day run smoothly and was an absolute joy to work with. Not only did the day and music run fabulously, but Reed has a passion for what he does that you can feel the moment you meet him.”

~ Brittney Hosey

To make an event memorable, you need the right music to set the tone and get everyone on their feet - and that is what our professional DJ and lighting services bring to you! Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or even a school dance, we will make your occasion an unforgettable experience.

Our team of skilled DJs uses their expertise to curate the perfect playlist for your event. With the help of our extensive music library, high-end equipment, and our deep understanding of various musical genres, you can be sure we will tailor-fit our playlists to suit any occasion. From elegant and romantic tunes for weddings to high-energy tracks for school dances, our DJs know how to read the crowd and create an atmosphere that keeps everyone entertained and engaged.

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Based in Denver, CO

Reed Fox was born in Denver and DJ's events all over Colorado.

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What our clients say:

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“Reed was very professional and personable, and gave our guests an unforgettable experience. He gave us a lot of great ideas to make our night of dancing even more fun, and helped us to choose the perfect music playlist. The whole night flowed smoothly and the music transitions were perfect! All our guests couldn’t say enough about the music and the DJ, and everyone danced the night away! I got so many compliments on the songs throughout the night and it was all thanks to Reed. My husband and I could not be happier and we would highly recommend him to everyone looking for the perfect wedding!”

~ Kailey & Ryan Shupe

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