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☆ Day 6 of Aliveness ☆ 

☆ Day 6 of Aliveness ☆ 


One of our favorite shows was called Get Fresh! It was an immersive interactive art show to razzle all the senses. We played this song, “If Birds Gathered Our Hair For Nesting at It” at it. Julia, a scent architect, supplied personal aromas. Touch artists, Michelle Christiance & Emmanuel, blindfolded people at the toothbooth and brushed their teeth. Has anyone ever had their teeth brushed by anyone other than their mom/babysitter? It’s kind of like a feet washing, or an oral baptism. If you don't want to get your teeth touched, stay home and brush your own teeth. Tastes were provided by the venue and featured the classic cocktails that we serve at many of our shows: Cosmic Pineapple & Moon Hammer. Visuals by all attendees: you are the art if you want to hang around the eye gazing booth. Lauren, Piper, and Micah’s eyes were gaze-able and anyone was welcome to provide their eyes and become the visual art. This was back when déCollage's shows told the story of Finding Nemo on acid.


📸: Juli Williams


Here's a snippet from a companion zine of poetry I made while making this record. Enjoy! 

If Birds Gathered Our Hair For Nesting.png

oh oh oh yea oh yea yea oh yabadabadabadeeda

I left you a note I wrote with my fingers and spilt coffee,

On the counter in the kitchen, next to the dinner bell of dried bagels.

I left you a note I wrote with my fingers and my hair,

On the wall in the shower, furry like animals

What if birds gathered our hair for nesting

And we shared all we think we own, but we don’t and act like we do.

“Carnal Canary, how’s your sleepin? How ya livin?”

“It’s a tweet tweet, chirp chirp chirp, honk honk, yeah”

When I go down to the watering hole,

Half my hair falls out; I guess I’ll stick it to the shower wall.

There’s Marcel in poverty with no nest and no home,

Let’s gather our hair in player piano rolls and cigar boxes.

Layla said, “Style is just the exploitation of limitation.”

And “Spoons make the best mirrors, but tend to turn you inside out.”

You rippled your wrinkles and spilled me your secrets

And we joked and hugged and cried our tears inside out.

You rippled your wrinkles and spilled me your secrets

And we joked and hugged and cried our tears inside out.

“Nightingale Menagerie, how’s your sleepin? How ya livin’?”

“It’s a tweet tweet, chirp chirp, honk honk, yeah”

Oh oh, yea yea, oh yaba daba daba daba daba

déCollage LIVE

Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars & Production by Reed Fox.

Synths, Bass, & Production by Ben Wright.

Drums & Percussion by Adrian Wright.

Featuring Sean Culliton on saxophone, Snarklet on voice, & Kris Becker on guitar and synthesizer.

Song & lyrics co-written by Ryan Schlichtman & Reed Fox.

Featuring Kris Becker on Guitar.

Album Artwork by Jacqueline Sophia Cordova / Ancient Future

Album’s skeleton recorded live in one day at Catadawn Studios. Engineered by Brent Somermeyer & Matt Tanner. 

Vox, Synths, GTRs Recorded/Mixed by Reed & Ben at Moon Magnet.

Mastered by Reed Fox & Michael Schultze at Denver University & MM.
Website by Stella Atkinson/Soggy John


If Birds Gathered Our Hair For Nesting

If Birds Gathered Our Hair For Nesting

Includes an 11 x 17" full artwork lyric poster & a high-quality download of WAV and MP3 files!
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EXCLUSIVE CD of déCollage's debut album!

If you missed the last song, 
click here!

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Moon Magnet is a music school, mastering/recording studio, artist collective, DIY space, and record label based in Denver, Colorado founded in 2013. Moon Magnet is a place where artists can be themselves and express freely.

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