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☆ Day 8 of Aliveness ☆ 

☆ Day 8 of Aliveness ☆ 


Have you tried Moon Water? You can find Moon Water at Meow Wolf Convergence Station (Denver) and Meow Wolf Omega Mart (Las Vegas). It’s a product that Reed & his roommate Jay Maike + many friends from the collective negotiated with the galactic guild to sell this interstellar liquid miracle in this realm. Here’s more info on how that went down: “From the bottle crown, these enchanted ions flow with abundance and hydration. 10 trillion years ago from the depths of the Rainbow Singularity and catalyzed within the thermal imprint of cosmic microwave radiation, there was birthed a hydropod that, even in it's empyreal infancy, defied all spatial relativity of the apocryphal heavens. Then, something truly unexpected happened. The dynamic molecule experienced a consciousness revolution resulting in a full-scale astral projection to another dimension. Moon Water’s clairvoyant passage into our world from the frozen lunar landscape defied all explanation. Lightworkers ascended from every corner of the ancient world to bear witness. Structurally, Moon Water transcends all four polygalactic dimensions, existing unencumbered within the quantum vortex of primordial bio-organic liquid. Become Moon Water.” Get Moon Water here.


📸: Juli Williams


Here's a snippet from a companion zine of poetry I made while making this record. Enjoy! 

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Back in action, the cellophane forest

The tips are green and the water sprayed, 

And the trees are springing up in praise, 


Here we are now shivering, quivering,

The grass is damp and the dirt is peeled, 

While the kids all jump, and dance around the water wheel.


Do a jig and dance up on the sunset,

Bring it back, holler for a whippoorwill, singalong, 

And dive headlong into ginger fields


Only from the womb of the dawn

Will I receive the dew from God’s mouth and be satisfied

Only from the dew from God’s mouth

Will I be satisfied


Is that how we grow,

You know where to hide and go,

When you’re here with me,

Everything’s serene


Is that where you go,

You know how to shed and glow,

Can’t you come and play with me,

I’m your figurine

Less of me, more of You


Burning down the cellophane, cellophane, 

Smoke in your eyes, 

mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow 

do you love it’s pheromones?


The darkest hour is just before dawn

déCollage LIVE
(déLucks edition)
#447 Womb of The Dawn Mix 5décollage
00:00 / 06:59
Womb of The Dawn (4th Day)décollage
00:00 / 05:21

Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars & Production by Reed Fox.

Synths, Bass, & Production by Ben Wright.

Drums & Percussion by Adrian Wright.

Album Artwork by Jacqueline Sophia Cordova / Ancient Future

Album’s skeleton recorded live in one day at Catadawn Studios. Engineered by Brent Somermeyer & Matt Tanner. 

Vocals for Womb of The Dawn & Moon Magnet recorded by Carmine Gabbianelli at Frank Captures Magic. We also mapped out a bunch of other songs together, love you buddy!

Vox, Synths, GTRs Recorded/Mixed by Reed & Ben at Moon Magnet.

Mastered by Reed Fox & Michael Schultze at Denver University & MM.
Website by Stella Atkinson/Soggy John


Womb of the Dawn

Womb of the Dawn

Limited Edition!
Includes  high quality download of WAV and MP3 files!
Hand-painted vinyl record of Womb of the Dawn!
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If you missed the last song, 
click here!

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Moon Magnet is a music school, mastering/recording studio, artist collective, DIY space, and record label based in Denver, Colorado founded in 2013. Moon Magnet is a place where artists can be themselves and express freely.

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