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Welcome to Aliveness!¡!


What you hold in your screen is the VIP page to the backstage 10-day interactive Aliveness experience🚀 After signing up to get the full unreleased record, humans are emailed the landing page for a song a day for 10 days. Click on a song title below to taste it. déCollage is releasing this record for free along with behind the scenes content (Exclusive stories, videos, poetry, alternative mixes, remixes, lyrics, & limited edition merch bundles)! Additionally, the album took 10 years to finish since it was recorded and re-recorded 4 times at 4 different studios. déCollage’s dense, hyper-creative “Aliveness” is a journey that will break you open to pure celestial bliss.


📸:: Michelle Christiance 


📸:: Michelle Christiance 


Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars & Production by Reed Fox.

Synths, Bass, & Production by Ben Wright.

Drums & Percussion by Adrian Wright.

Featuring Sean Culliton on saxophone, Kris Becker on Jupiter and Sub 37 synthesizers, & Ben Weirich on BG Vocals

Album Artwork by Jacqueline Sophia Cordova / Ancient Future

Album’s skeleton recorded live in one day at Catadawn Studios. Engineered by Brent Somermeyer & Matt Tanner. 

Vox, Synths, GTRs Recorded/Mixed by Reed & Ben at Moon Magnet.

Inspiration and overall creative help by Snarklet Jamie Nagode.

Creative coaching from Monalicious.

Mastered by Reed Fox & Michael Schultze at Denver University & MM.
Website by Stella Atkinson/Soggy John

Banner photo by Juli Williams

“déCollage’s Aliveness captures the absolute delirious wonder of realizing when you are alive. You may ask, “Well, what’s it like to be alive?” As vocalist, instrumentalist, and producer Reed Fox seems to define it, "we all gush aliveness.” Aliveness gushes with imaginative energy from every possible pore. Simply by listening to it, we are dragged into its contagious and swirling vortex where we access our own aliveness.” ~ Chris Lott {Wall of Ears}

“The album slithers through a maze of exotic mirages, pulling your mind in new directions while saturating you with deep rhythmic interplay. Ever mutating, the music calls up many different genres (whimsical anime soundtracks, tropical calypso, Berlin dance club banger, the moment when you beat the level in an 8-bit Nintendo game) but its originality prevents it from being reduced to any genre. Adrian Wright’s expressive drum grooves make the energy fluid and flexible even through zany polyrhythms and breakbeat moments. Ben Weirich’s soaring synth melody and bass lines are surprising and captivating, with seemingly effortless delivery. Like a big budget sci-fi film, Fox and Weirich’s production sounds so high def and clear that it feels like 4K gamma rays are being beamed into your blood. At times the music sounds like it’s ripping itself apart and turning itself inside out. As warped as the music gets, it never loses its immediate danceability and pop-gem feel. This music is an absolute party of human experience and makes you want to get wild and fling your limbs around in whatever way you want to. Reed Fox is always there to ground you through the flux, with his charismatic vocals acting as a goofy guide through the maze of imaginative weirdness.” ~ Chris Lott {Wall of Ears}

“The songs flow in a cohesive and rushing parade, stitched together with “behind the scenes” studio chatter and beep-blop wizardry. By the time the record is over (sadly) and you ooze back into your senses, you feel like you’ve been through a tremendous psychedelic transformation... like you got datamoshed through the rainbow singularity. We’ve all been there. It’s no wonder that Impose Magazine called déCollage the “grandchildren of Elephant 6”, and that the band shared the stage with of Montreal, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective and Deerhoof.  déCollage has created permanent sound installations for Meow Wolf and operates Moon Magnet Studios, where Aliveness was born. This music could only be created by Reed Fox and his mad scientist musician friends in the creative community they’ve been cultivating in Denver for the past 13 years. Aliveness is a unified vision shared by brilliant in-sync musicians pushing themselves to the outer limits of avant-pop.” ~ Chris Lott {Wall of Ears}

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Moon Magnet is a music school, mastering/recording studio, artist collective, and record label based in Denver, Colorado founded in 2013. Moon Magnet is a place where artists can be themselves and express freely.

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